Capstone Project **FOR KATETUTOR ONLY**

Activity Instruction

***Assignment to be done on HARLEY DAVIDSON***

Throughout the first half of the course, you have been hard at work on your capstone project. For this assignment, submit your final Capstone Project. See the MBA Capstone Project Guidelines for complete information about requirements. Be sure to review your paper for writing errors and APA format prior to submission. Also, review the Capstone Project and Presentation Scoring Guide to self-assess your work prior to submission to ensure you are meeting expectations for demonstrating your program outcomes.

For this assignment, complete the following:

  • Include an executive summary following your cover page.
  • Your project must be a minimum of 20 pages, not including cover page, abstract, table of contents, references, and any appendices.
  • Project includes at least five references, used and cited within, in APA format.
  • Ensure that any graphics you have are properly cited – see your APA manual. In short, put an in-text citation after the figure title, like this: Figure X: Title here (Smith, 2009)
  • For each section, include the following:
    • A complete draft of your analysis and content.
    • All data and references that support your work in the appropriate APA format.

Project Outline

–          Cover page

–          Abstract

–          Table of Contents

–          Introduction

–          Background of Harley-Davidson Inc.

–          Overview of the Motorbike Industry

–          Research Questions

–          Major Milestones of the company

–          SWOT Analysis

–          PESTEL Analysis

–          Marketing Strategy Analysis

–          Human resource analysis

–          Ethical perspective of Harley Davidson operations

–          An outlook of the future of Harley-Davidson

–          Recommendations

–          Conclusions

–          References

–          Appendices

Length: 20-30 pages

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