Please read the powerpoints/all attached documents carefully before starting the work. The customer has said it’s important the powerpoints are used when completing the answers to the questions. 

Please do not write in a specific form of an essay as such. The customer has requested that the researcher just answers the question concisely as possible. Write the heading of each question and then answer the question thoroughly just below it. All references should be placed under each question. 

(1) How did Civil Aviation develop between 1919 until 1946? (35 Marks)

(2) Explain the type of clause quoted in the question and the concepts “substantial ownership” and “effective control.” (35 Marks)

(3) What was the rationale behind such clauses in air service agreements? (20 marks)

(4) What problems did such clauses cause the aviation industry? (10 marks).

Helpful Information.

Question 1; The answers should be about Chicago convention, Paris convention and also the freedom of air/sky.

Question 2; The clause they are talking about is” national security clause in aviation”

Question 3; The answer should be about the nationality security.

Question 4; The answer should be what problem did the nationality security cause the aviation industry.

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