The item has been presented in the medium of written English. Sentences are structured and conform to academic writing. The paper has an identifiable structure including an introduction, a main body, and conclusion. The paper follows the Harvard Referencing Style.


The main body of assessment includes three questions below:

Strategic Landscape: Students should provide a comprehensive table of numeric data showing research into the cost of the production of dairy products in Australia versus the return on sale of these products. The response examines the Australian dairy crisis, and is supported by least five (5) references to the academic literature. Use comprehensive and detailed approach.

Competitive Environment: Students should provide a comprehensives table of numeric data showing research into the competitive position of Australian dairy producers relative to offshore competitors. The response details the effect of Porter’s Five Forces within the Australian Dairy Industry situation with number of five (5) reference to both the core text and the academic literature.

Competitive Advantage Quantitative Analysis: Students should provide a statement, based on the two tables of numeric data at (1) and (2) above of the competitive advantage or disadvantage at which Australian dairy producers find themselves. Five references.




This case study investigates the Australia Dairy Industry and competition with international firms in liquid and desiccated products. 

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