Assess the value of branding in health care. Specifically, under what circumstances do you feel that it is beneficial for health care organizations to use branding? Can the use of branding have unexpected negative consequences? Explain.


1. Take a clear position on the central issues

2. Provide a scholarly basis for your response.

3. Justify your opinions with evidence from the peer-reviewed literature.

4. Cite several scholarly references in your essay.

5. Properly cite all references in the text of your essay


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Branding is considered a process where a product or service is shown as different from the competitors with the use of a symbol (Baldwin, Lyons & Issel, 2010). Branding in healthcare is more than a visual representation of the company. It involves a promise of quality services that efficiently fulfills the needs of the population that it serves while preserving the economic, legal, and ethical responsibilities of the company (DeVries & McKeever, 2008; Smith, 2010). The organization that provides health services has a responsibility not only to the investors and its workforce, but also to the consumer. Smith (2010) explained that to the investors, the company owes the economic responsibility to maximize earnings. The author also stated that the company has the responsibility to comply with the requirements established by the law, and the ethical responsibility of providing services abiding to the social and ethical norms established by the society. All these aspects can present challenges when a company wants to establish or promote a brand.

For a branding to be successful, it must carry the mission of the organization aligned to its principles (DeVries & McKeever, 2008). It must engage everyone in the organization in its development and execution while providing a unique patient experience (Weiss, 2011). DeVries and McKeever (2008) stated that the brand is a promise that the organization makes internally and externally, while the brand statement “guides the efforts of creative teams, customer-facing employees, and managers in making effective decisions” (p. 18). …

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