1. What are the implications and effect of tough ethical beginning-of-life and end-of-life decisions? How do these decisions affect the individual, the family, society, and health care providers?

2. Describe what you feel to be the most important change(s) arising out of health care reform. What can you as an administrator do to comply with these changes?


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Beginning-of-life and end-of-life decisions hold vast implications for those individuals who are experiencing the results of these decisions. For example, those individuals who have life-ending diseases have to potentially suffer through the effects of not being able to end their own lives as well as having an abortion. Meanwhile, their relatives have to suffer through the effects of them being allowed to end their own lives as well as not bringing a new life into the world. These decisions have a strong impact on family as it is the struggle of the selfishness of the individual versus the great …

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