For your research paper you will argue for or against any of the following topics: Racial or ethnic mixed marriage;
Welfare reform; Cohabitation; Surrogate motherhood…

You will argue for or against any of the following topics:

Research Paper:
For your research paper you will argue for or against any of the following topics:

Firstly, Racial or ethnic mixed marriage

Secondly, Welfare reform

Thirdly, Cohabitation

Fourthly, Surrogate motherhood

Further, Interracial, Transracial or transcultural adoption

Additionally, Abortion

Finally, Same-sex marriage

Requirements: The body of the research paper–not including the title page and bibliography–must be 4-5 pages, typewritten (Times New Roman font, size 12), and double-spaced. . Use APA or MLA style for in-text citations and the bibliography. No abstract or title page.

You are not permitted to use books for the research paper unless the complete book is in electronic form, in which case put [e-book] next to the citation in your bibliography.

APA format:

Author’s last name, Author’s initials (Year of publication). Article title. Journal title, Volume number (Issue number), pages of article. doi (Digital Object Identifier) or URL of the journal home page

Sample citation using APA format:
Wolf, J. P. (2007). Sociological Theories of Poverty in Urban America. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment, 16(1/2), 41–56. doi:10.1300/J137v16n01_04.

Points deduction from the final research paper if you include paper books, Internet sites or sources other than what is found in available on the

Points: The research paper will comprise 17 percent (170 points) of your final grade.  An additional 50 points will be given over a period of weeks for selecting a topic for the paper, writing a bibliography, an outline, and an introductory paragraph.

The outline should contain headings for the major points in the paper and subheadings for the minor ones.

For your research paper you may use footnotes, endnotes or include (author, date) in the text. A bibliography should always a requirement. A bibliography is a listing of the bibliographic citations of the sources that you will use for the research paper. For each source list the author of the article, title of the article, title of the journal, date, etc—an example appears in the research paper section of the syllabus.

Grading: The research paper will be evaluate on content, grammar, and composition.

Submission: Please submit the paper in Word format using the Assignments tool. All other parts of the research paper (the topic, bibliography, outline, and introductory paragraph) should be submitted to the Research Paper Discussion Board.

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