The aim of the task is to present students the opportunity to express their artistic
vision for a short or feature length film – from a director’s point of view – whilst
consolidating information and techniques learned throughout the Making Movies
1 elective.
In approximately 1000 words, write a Director’s statement outlining how you
would make a film from either the visual sequence (10 images that tell a story)
that you submitted for assessment during the middle of the making Movies 1
course or from another original idea you may have.
A Director’s statement outlines the director’s intentions and approach – visual,
thematic, audio etc. – when taking a story from script to screen. You can read a
few successful examples on the LMS to get an idea of what’s expected.
So, let’s imagine that you are going to make a short film from your 10-image
visual sequence or a feature or a documentary from another original idea. Write a
statement that outlines your vision and intentions. (Let’s pretend that you have an
infinite budget available to you to produce this film. For example, Meryl Streep
can be in your film and you can shoot it on the beaches of Barbados or in a
Hollywood Studio.)
You MUST include:

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