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Files: 1-5 Acceptable Use Policy

Files: 6-10 Remote Access Policy

In the first phase of your writing project, you will perform research and answer questions on Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs). Please IS 6383 File 1_ INSTRUCTIONS_To_RESEARCH_Acceptable Use Policy for details. (You will not submit your answers to the questions, rather some of these questions will be covered in the Policy Definitions, Laws and Frameworks Quiz 1.

In the second phase, you will write an Acceptable Use Policy based on the scenario given. Please download IS 6383 File 2_INSTRUCTIONS_To_WRITE_Acceptable Use Policy for details.

Please submit your AUP using the Policy TEMPLATE attached (IS 6383 File 3_TEMPLATE_To_Write _Acceptable Use Policy_SUBMIT THIS).

Use the filenaming protocol: 6383_001_lastname_UTSAID_AUP.docx

Also, use the RUBRIC (IS 6383 File 4_RUBRIC_For_AUP) and the attached CHECKLIST (IS 6383 File 5_CHECKLIST_To Write_ AUP) to see the point distribution for each section and as a guide to verify your work.

Once you complete your AUP, you start the process again to research, write and submit the RAP (Files 6-10).


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