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In the preface of their 2010 book Learning to Lead: A Workbook on Becoming a Leader, Bennis & Goldsmith assert, “The current worldwide leadership crisis is as great a threat to humanity as any pandemic, famine, terrorist act, or nuclear disaster—because if we fail to have courageous leadership and bold and ethical leaders, even simple solutions become impossible” (p. xvi). Although this book is now a decade old, Bennis’ & Goldsmith’s words are still relevant.

They offered three reasons why effective leaders are particularly important in times of such crisis: to help ensure the success of the organizations that make our country great; to help us articulate a vision (guiding purpose); and to counter our cynicism about the integrity of our political, economic, legal, and social institutions.

Discuss Bennis’ and Goldsmith’s assertion regarding the worldwide leadership crisis and provide at least three steps you might take to address this crisis.


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