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Company (30 points)
It is here that you will zoom in on your company (i.e., the company you analyze). Here are the required sub- sections:

Value-chain analysis: here you identify and discuss the primary and support activities. Also, you identify the activity or activities which are considered the center of gravity by the company.

Resource-based view: here, identify and discuss the resources and capabilities of the company. Conduct the VRIO analysis to identify core competencies. If appropriate, discuss intellectual capital and/or organizational culture of the firm.

SWOT analysis: here you identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Company strategy: here, you discuss business-level strategies and corporate-level strategies employed by the firm. For each strategy, develop a respon i se to such questions as ‘does it make sense in light of the industry, competition, and/or firm resources/capabilities?’, ‘why or why not?’, ‘how well has current strategy been executed?’, ‘has it been successful (financial performance and/or balanced scorecards)?’

  • Implications: here, synthesize insights from each part in this section and discuss implications. For example, you can discuss results of your SWOT analysis as they relate to the company strategy.

Also you can make recommendations in each of these sections if you have any. For example, the SWOT analysis can generate useful insights about the threats facing your company and its weaknesses. As such, your recommendation may offer ideas about how to deal with or resolve the threats and weaknesses.


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