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I attached a photo of a list of suggested books, you can choose either one of it, all of the books can be found on google as free pdf.

  1. Summary of the Plot
    Provide enough information for those who have not read the book or seen the movie to understand the ethical dilemma faced by the character you are analyzing. Describe the environment of the character.
  2. Issues Identified
    Describe and analyze the ethical dilemma faced by the character.
    • What are the major factual issues raised?
    • What are the major ethical issues raised?
    • Who are the major stakeholders?
  3. Options Considered
    What alternative courses of actions were considered or identified by the character?
  4. Ethical Arguments Constructed
    Determine which of the ethical principles/standards were employed by the character. (i.e., moral development; egoism; virtue; deontology; teleology; justice)
  5. Evaluate the Arguments for each Option
    • Did the character weigh the ethical reasons and arguments for each option?
    • Did the character make any unwarranted factual assumptions?
    • Did the character leave any unresolved conceptual issues?
  6. Character Decision
    • Describe how the character resolved the dilemma.
    • Explain the reasoning for the character’s chosen resolution.
    • Did the character select the ethically best way to deal with the dilemma?
    • In your opinion, what decision should the character have made?
  7. Your Recommendation
    Would you recommend this movie or book to your classmates?


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