Write an analysis of the essential components of job standards. Assess these components and analyze why job standards are difficult to incorporate into performance evaluations. Support your analysis based on current research incorporating three journal articles or publications into your response. Think about the importance of performance measures in compensation practices, particularly in pay for performance programs. Are they necessary and useful in the overall compensation strategy which attempts to link performance and pay?s


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Write an analysis of the essential components of job standards.

The essential components associated with any job standards that are issued by an organization include the job title with an accurate portrayal of the job that the potential employee will be committing to as well as what the job entails. This title should provide a sense of identity for the employee wherein they are able to identify with the job and establish or construct their work life around this job title. The title should be exclusive to those with the skill set to carry out the goals and objectives of the job. The next important variable that must be established includes the job summary, which is critical because it details what the person’s job responsibilities and duties will be. In addition, the nature of the work that will be required of the employee is also described during this summation. The summary will give a potential employee the necessary knowledge regarding what will be required of them and what type of skills they will need to possess to carry out their job duties.

Employers must also describe the working environment in which the e …

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