Write a few sentences summarized from a biography of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This can be found online.

Write a few sentences summarized from a biography of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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What is Gabriel Garcia Marquez famous for?
Writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Who Gave Voice To Latin America, Dies The master of magic realism was the region’s best-known writer. His novels were fill with miraculous events and characters; love and also madness; wars, dreams and also death. He died Thursday at 87.

What did Gabriel Garcia Marquez write?

Gabriel García Márquez was one of the best-known Latin American writers in history. Additionally, he won a Nobel Prize for Literature, mostly for his masterpiece of magic realism, Cien años de soledad (1967; One Hundred Years of Solitude).

Why does he use magical realism?

During his life, García Márquez said he wrote magical realism because that’s just how life was in Latin America. “In Mexico, surrealism runs through the streets,” he also told the Atlantic in 1973. … García Márquez’s magical realism, wrote Rushdie in 1982, “expresses a genuinely ‘Third World’ consciousness.

Why did Gabriel Garcia Marquez leave Colombia?

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez – in self-exile because of his socialist beliefs and friendship with Fidel Castro — today won the 1982 Nobel Literature Prize.

Moreover, was Gabriel Garcia Marquez married?

m. 1958–2014

Gabriel García Márquez

When he finally returned to Colombia, he married his longtime love, Mercedes Barcha Pardo. García Márquez had first proposed to her when he was 18 and she was only 13. After more than a decade of courtship, most of which had been spent writing letters to one another, she consented to marry him.

What college did Gabriel Garcia Marquez go to?

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