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Working Outline

You will submit to this assignment dropbox a functional working outline describing how your Capstone Project, Thesis Prospectus, or Thesis will be develop around the previously approved Statement of Problem or Research Question.

I recommend you prepare your outline such that each section of the outline is described in full sentences rather than fragments. This way I, or your Thesis Committee, will have a better idea of what you intend to discuss in each section of your work.

Below, I provide a working example that might stimulate questions or otherwise help you in the process of organizing your thoughts and work (please review my pdf file in MODULE 3: Preparing a Working Outline and Conducting a Literature Review). Eventually, the working outline will be transformed into a Table of Contents where outline nomenclature disappears and long descriptive sentences are reduced to headings. Please be aware that the Module notes may not apply specifically to your Project or Thesis as I provided them to give you a conceptual/working example.


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