Why do some refer to the U.S. health care system as “the sickness care system”? Do you agree or disagree? Why or Why not?


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The US health care as the sickness care system

A sickness system primarily focuses on providing care and treatment to people after they become sick and not before.
The US system invests more in caring for the sick and less in keeping people healthy, it is designed to kick-start only when people are sick i.e. it prioritizes “sick care” rather than health care.
I therefore agree that the US health care system is more of a sickness care system
1. The following glaring features will illustrate the point:

1.1. Obesity (which predisposes people to chronic diseases) and preventable chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, cancer and diabetes account for 70% of deaths in the US (Marvasti 2012). These conditions are preventable if people could commit to lifestyle changes early on before the onset of symptoms.
1.2. Chronic diseases account for 75% of the US health care expenditure (DHHS 2010). It is therefore clear that preventable diseases which are allowed to develop into chronic ailments eventually chew a huge chunk of the budget despite existing opportunities to avert this …

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