What factors can affect health policy issues through the life cycle stages in the US Military Health System, Veterans Health Administration, and American civilian health systems?

Use the Cybrary or other Web resources, as well as personal experience, to support your answer.

Reference ALL U.S. sources.

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A complex relationship, indeed. I have attached my response, as well as two highly relevant articles for convenience. I have listed all references. All references are US with the exception of one source. This source, however, made reference to global information which is relevant to US as well. I hope this helps and take care.


Characteristics of United States Health Care

The U.S. health insurance system has both a private (mainly employer-financed) and public component. 70.1 % of population is covered by a private insurance plan; 61.4 % of population is covered by an employer-sponsored private plan; 24.8 % is covered by a government insurance plan; 13.2 % is covered by Medicare; 10.8 % is covered by Medicaid; and 3.2 % is covered by military health insurance. 16.1 % of the population had no health insurance in 1997 (URL: http://www.reformmonitor.org/index.php3?content=docview,910 Retrieved August 3, 2004 and attached for convenience).

This question indirectly relates to the determinants of health (research-based), as the determinants of health have a differential impact on health populations across the life cycles, and thus, health policy:

CIVILIAN HEALTH SYSTEM: Throughout the Life Cycle

In general, health policies are affected by life cycle changes across the population of health care users. For example, research has also shown evidence of heightened sensitivity to environmental hazards at certain stages of human development (i.e., American civilian health systems), which in turn will influence health policy (i.e., policies directed at diseases in seniors due to environmental pollutants, etc.). As well, these health factors will impact different populations within the United Sates Health Care systems (i.e., US Military Health System, Veterans Health Administration, and American civilian health systems) in different ways, and thus, health policies will reflect these factors.

What is the link between research and health policy?


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