What experiences or information did you share related to the topic of discussion?

While in 121 I shared about how staffing at my job calls me in to work and I fail to say no however tired I am while we were talking about assertiveness.

· I also formulated a scenario about assertiveness in 131 and I was able to do a role play about it.

· Did I ask appropriate questions/ seek clarification of content?

· I usually ask for clarification especially in 131, because I have questions about how I would apply certain behaviors learned while in practice. Sometimes I will give Anna a scenario and ask her how I would respond to that case appropriately using the material learned in class. For example, assertiveness, avoidance, and even collaboration.

· I also ask so many questions relating to the topic in 121.

Work or sub-group activities

· How did I facilitate outcomes in the small(sub-group) discussion?

· I facility outcomes in small groups by sharing my experiences and thoughts with the group. For example, while talking about high and low context groups I shared about my culture since I come from a high context culture. I my culture, while communicating we value interpersonal relationships.

· What new task or maintenance roles did I try in the small group sessions? (see Arnold and Boggs for list of roles) include at least three roles.

· How did I provide feedback to other members of the group?

· My main goal is to leave the recipient open to taking a new direction while giving feedback. So with that said I will give at least as much positive feedback as I do negative. For example, after role playing I focus on telling the person what they could have done to make the situation better as opposed to focusing on criticizing what they did wrong.

· Which areas do I need to improve?

Leadership/ Evaluation activities

· Discuss the 1-2 major things I learned about myself and working with groups related to:

· Oral presentation-

· I learned that I so collaborative, because while working with my group to put together the slide, I came across good articles and sent them to the group so that way we could all work together and be on the same page after putting together the slides.

· Peer evaluation oral presentation-

· Through peer evaluation I was able to learn that I can actually learn from the success and mistakes of my peers.

· Group process in lab (131)-

· I learned that I able to give meaningful feedback to the class or my peers about how our day went as class, what we learned about and what helped us learned better or what blocked our learning process and so on.


· My attitude in relation to the course/discussion/peers/ and how it changed (if it did).

· My attitude in relation to the course have been positive and has not changed at all through out the quarter.

· Give an example of when a value or perception different than your own was challenging to accept

· The fact that in the Western cultures they have low context cultures it was a bit challenging for me to accept because the information communicated is in a direct manner and relies mainly on words as opposed to my high context culture where we relay on contextual elements such as the speaker`s tone of voice and body language while communicating information.

· What is my communication style? My strengths? Areas needing improvement?

· I have previously been using a passive communication style, but recently I have been able to adapt the assertive communication style. And my strengths include; being honest, and I also have a very caring personality.

· How do my personality traits impact my communication style/ interpersonal relationships?

· I am generally patient so I take time to listen during communication.

· I am confident while speaking to people so I make appropriate eye contact.

· How have I applied theory concepts learned in this class in my personal relationships?

· I have been able to be assertive with both my family and friends after learning about assertiveness

· What impact does my culture/ethnic background have on my communication?

· Give two examples of peer feedback you have given in communication lab

· I have acknowledged my peers good job during role pays.

· I have said “good job” to students that normally don’t speak a lot in class, when they participate and those that ask good questions.

· A communication goal for second quarter

· My communication goal fro second quarter is speaking up in meetings. I enjoy participating but I tend to speak very softly.

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