What elements comprise your own diverse nature? How do you identify yourself?

When you hear the word diversity, what do you think about? What does diversity mean to you? Regardless of your background, profession, or academic goals, one thing is certain: Diversity is a topic that you will have to navigate, either for yourself or for the people with whom you will work with or encounter in your daily life. Diversity is about recognizing the similarities and differences between ourselves and other people. These differences could be physical (race, gender, age, ability, etc.) or they could be social (cultural heritage, economic status, political or religious beliefs, etc.). The United States was founded on principles of equality and opportunity for all citizens, but in practice, some groups of citizens have encountered different treatment, which has resulted in less-than-equal opportunities (Hobbs, 2015). A study of diversity begins with a necessary exploration of our differences, honing in on the social systems that reinforce them. As you work through this module’s content, consider the following:

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