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What do you think about Confederate Monuments?

We know so much more about our Founding Fathers today than 40 years ago. So much of the history was “whitewashed” in order to make our Founders look like great men. For example, after the Lincoln Memorial was built, Franklin Roosevelt wanted to have a memorial to the founder of his Democratic party Thomas Jefferson so he commissioned the Jefferson Memorial. Jefferson was a slave owner and no one consider a memorial to him before in the nation’s capital. George Washington and many of the founders were miserable slave owners as well. Alexander Hamilton was a smuggler.

Samuel Adams was a terrible beer maker and a rabble-rouser who orchestrated the beatings of many innocent British subjects. Blacks were written out of American history even though they help to win the American Revolution and fought in every single war America has fought. The Chinese were exclude from textbooks even though they helped build much of the Western United States. The mass genocide of Native Americans was also downplay as “Indian Wars” instead of wholesale massacres by American Soldiers. Latinos fought in the Mexcian War for the United States but how many of you have actually heard of Juan Seguín?

So much of what we know about American history was distort, lies, and plain fabrications. Yet, those stories inspired many young Americans to greatness.

Read the following: Martinez, Reinventing America. (I uploaded the file pdf )

What do you think about Confederate Monuments?

Answer the following: (Number each of your answers)

1. What was Martinez’s Thesis in Reinventing America? Do you agree with his thesis?

2. Do you think we should discard all fabricated history or simply leave it alone?

3. What do you think about Confederate Monuments? Should we take them down? Or leave them? (follow the link)p

4. Should we completely re-write American history so that others who were there get a voice or is that just revisionism?


1. You must REFER to all of the texts for the assignment in your posting.

The minimum amount of words for your initial post is a minimum of 900 words. There is no maximum amount however, you should answer the question fully and respond to others fully.

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