What are the advantages and disadvantages of the electronic medical record for patients and for providers? Use only US sites and references.


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Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

The creation of a universally accessible, lifelong electronic medical record (EMR), integrating patient information from all sources into a single view has been the “Holy Grail” of healthcare information management, almost from the beginning of the use of computers in this field. This is beginning to be realized [see article by Machel (Available [On-line] http://www.hcccinc.com/hcccinc2/pdf/Vol_XIV_No_1/Vol_XIV_No_1_5.pdf].

EMR is a comprehensive, clinical management solution that allows the physician to document patient encounters, manage prescriptions, lab tests, x-rays and other diagnostic procedures and patient-specific correspondence and reports from other providers or organizations. Many companies sell EMR products. For example, myNightingale’s Electronic Medical Record is an expeditious and intuitive decision support system that assists in improving clinical efficiency and patient care. In an EMR system, such as myNightingale’s Electronic Medical Record, the correspondence contains letters from consultants, lawyers, insurance companies and any other letters, discharge summaries and reports pertinent to the patient. All correspondence is bound to the chart allowing speedy retrieval and organization.

I have located an excellent article (mentioned above) “The EMR in Practice: A comparison of Canadian and U.S” by John V. Machel, a clinical professor of Family Medicine and Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Oregon in Portland, Oregon (Available [On-line]
http://www.hcccinc.com/hcccinc2/pdf/Vol_XIV_No_1/Vol_XIV_No_1_5.pdf). This author moved from a practice in Canada to a large integrated group HMO in United States, so he is in an excellent position to look at both healthcare systems and, working with EMR in practice, he addresses both the advantages and …

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