1. Present a review of academic literature and sector specific articles to address the following: What are innovation and or newness viewed through the lens of operations management? 

A literature review to address the question what is innovation and or newness? This must be undertaken through the lens of operations management. Innovation and newness can be a complex area of research, for this element we are concerned with students being able to locate the topic from an applied perspective, that is how do operations adopt or adapt to changes in their market place?

2. Undertake primary field research on a named operation to identify how the selection and adoption of specific innovation/newness have impacted on their operational activity?

From your primary research, conduct an analysis of your findings through the lens of theory and models from this module. The analysis should be supported by evidence. This requires you to provide substantial and substantiated references from both academic sources AND your primary research to inform the reader how the focus operation reacts to innovation/newness: whether this be seen as an opportunity or a threat; how these innovations are operationalised – impact/changes.

The assignment task is in two parts but linked by the fundamental consideration of innovation and newness and how these impact on business activities; that is what changes, if any, impact on operational activities due to innovation/newness? 

You must gain access to an operation. Primary research requires actual contact with the organisation, you must not use material prepared for other purposes, e.g. web pages, case studies and articles etc., these are examples of secondary research and will not be acceptable to pass this assignment.

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