Read the Online Patient-Clinician Messaging: Fundamentals of Ethical Practice PDF. (attached) What are ethical implications of patient-clinician messaging? What measures/practices can health care organizations put into practice to assist clinicians with the ethical challenges of patient-clinician messaging?

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What are ethical implications of patient-clinician messaging?

Due to the inherent personal nature of medical communications, there are a number of ethical implications that surround any communication between patient and clinician. In the world of the internet and text messaging, there are several special ethical concerns.

Maintaining anonymity may be difficult with electronic messaging because the clinician cannot confirm that the communication is occurring directly with the patient, but can only confirm that it is going to the patient’s account or device. This is inherently different from telephone and face-to-face communication. Clinicians have a very well-recognized ethical obligation (indeed a legal obligation) to protect patient confidentiality.

Of course, not all ethical concerns revolve around privacy. Other concerns include, but are not limited to:
? The timeliness of an urgent response. How should urgent information be communicated so that it reaches that patient in timely …

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