I need help with a Management question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

please watch the videos in the attached file and then respond to the below questions, also there is a sample example attached:

Template for paper:



Definition of the “Inverted U.”

Explain a situation you are aware and how the leader used or violated the “Inverted U” concept.

Include points from all four videos:

  • Goleman’s “Inverted U”
  • Boyatzis’s Coaching for Compliance versus Coaching for Compassion
  • Boyatzis’s Benefit of Effective leadership
  • Boyatzis’s activating the Social Network

What steps will you take to implement some of these ideas into your life/career to build relationships and develop leaders in your team. As a team leader your duty to your team members is building leaders, not followers.

No more than 2 pages of 12 font, double space lines. Post to Blackboard.

See sample assignment paper attached.


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