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How did young people use a. writing and b. photography as a means of community organizing and providing a platform for the Chicano movement?

What were the major issues the contributors to La Raza were covering?

A. Describe the mainstream press coverage of issues in the Chican@/Latni@ community. B. Why is La Raza important as a bilingual newspaper/magazine?

Who was Ruben Salazar? Why was his death such a loss to the Latin@/Chican@ community and movement?

What struck you the most about this film?

Do you think it’s important for students in Oxnard to be exposed to this history? Why or why not?

What similarities do you see between the collective behavior, acting crowds, and masses of the Chicano Movement of the 1960s and the Black Lives Matter Movement today? What were the precipitating factors for each according to Niel Smelser’s Value Added Theory?

*acting crowds- crowds of people who are focused on a specific action or goal

*collective behavior – a noninstitutionalized activity in which several people voluntarily engage

*value-added theory – a functionalist perspective theory that posits that several preconditions must be in place for collective behavior to occur


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