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In a paragraph or two, please describe the steps you took while doing research for your paper during and after your library conference.

Use the following questions for guidance:

1. What is your topic (or research questions). How did they change or evolve once you started doing research?

2. How was talking with the librarian helpful? Where did she lead you to search for your information? What search terms did you use?

  • Web search
  • Library catalog
  • Library online database (which ones?)
  • In physical library (browsing)
  • Other

3. How did you search/find relevant information?
4. How did it go? Were you successful or unsuccessful?
5. How would you rate the research tools you used?

Note: Credit will be given for this assignment ONLY if you attend your library research conference.

I need one paragraph or to on the ways that you got the info for WP3


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