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Approach this from a research perspective, apply what you have learned from this course and add other resources as applicable. Find 5 -7 Scholarly papers to support your response to each question.

1.Define and discuss the meaning of Information Governance in context of the Enterprise. How do you build a business case for IT governance for the enterprise and how do you overcome obstacles and how do you measure the effectiveness. Use graphical examples and theoretical abstracts to support your submission.

2. You have just been named the Project Manager of IT Governance Enterprise Wide Initiative within a company. who do you think should own the Project, the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Security Officer (CISO) or Chief Operating Officer (COO) and why?

Define and relate these different terminologies and Information Governance (IG), Data Governance (DG) and Information Technology Governance (ITG), E-Discovery, Digital Assets; how do you see IT Governance evolving in the next 5 years? What framework will you adopt to in implementing the IT Governance Initiative, and demonstrate its applicability.


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