Urgent Care Medical Practice questions & analysis:

1. Develop an overall Urgent Care Medical Practice operation’s plan.
2. What will be a typical patient experience in your Urgent Care?
3. Describe patient flow from making the appointment to paying the bill.
4. How will you address regulatory compliance and risk management for the Urgent Care?
5. How will continuous quality improvement and best practices be addressed in the Urgent Care?
6. How are you going to develop and maintain an ethical, quality, and complaint practice for the long term?
7. What regulatory bodies will you have to be concerned with on an ongoing basis?
8. What do you see as possible futuristic operations issues/policies in Urgent Care business?
9. How will you create the optimal care environment?
10. Summarize and evaluate the effect of the future of the urgent care’s practice and the quality involved.

Please make it at least 2-4 pages/longer with 4 references:
Thank you.


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1. The overall Urgent Care Medical Practice operation’s plan is as follows. The objective of the Urgent Care Medical Practice will be to provide walk-in services for treatment of injuries or illnesses requiring immediate care but not serious enough to require an emergency care visit. The overall responsibility of the Urgent Care Medical Practice will be a licensed physician operating as the medical director. The business hours of the practice will be 8.00 am to 8.00pm. The practice will become a member of the Urgent Care Association of America. The practice will have five examination rooms, one office room, one diagnosis equipment room, and one room for medical procedures. The Urgent Care Medical Practice will be set up in rented premises on 28th Street, Close to Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis. The initial investment will be $800,000 of which $650,000 will be used for buying diagnostic equipment including x-ray machine and phlebotomy. When a patient walks into the clinic he will be screened within five minutes by a medical assistant to ascertain if he has a condition that requires emergency medical care. if that is the case, he will be re-directed to the emergency room of Abbott Northwestern Hospital. if there is an urgent medical condition, he will be examined by the assistant and prescribed treatment. The endeavor of the clinic will be reducing the waiting time for patients. After the patient has been examined he will be sent to the office to make payments……………………

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