Uber Organizational Behavior

Please start with the microsoft word doc. This has my research paper. intro and my sources. My selected organization is Uber. My research question is Uber being one of the world’s leads in peer-to-peer transportation, it finds itself with dire problems when it comes to driver retention. As it relates to organizational behavior, the essay will address why driver retention is a problem in Uber and how a consultant will find ways to offer recommendations to the issue. 


It also has my introduction and how I somewhat wanted to get into it. Please let me know if you have any questions. 


This is the Rubric.

Topic Selection

  1. Select a specific organization of interest to you and identify a problem at the firm related to organizational behavior (OB).  This maybe an organization where you currently serve or one where you have served.
  2. Think of yourself as an organizational consultant. Assume that a key manager has requested a thorough analysis and recommended course of action to resolve an actual organizational problem. Your goal is to develop recommendations that will make a positive difference to the performance of the organization.
  3. Your research paper should address the following three course objectives, at a minimum:
    1. Course Objective A – Evaluate how organizational theories and practices can improve organizational operations.
    2. Course Objective B – Analyze how values, attitudes, beliefs, feelings, and personality influence decision making in the workplace.
    3. Course Objective D – Analyze the impact of different structures and lines of authority on organizational strategy and culture.

Title Page


Title of your applied research paper, course number and course title, professor name, and date.



Provide an overview of the organization and your role in it. Provide enough information about the firm to acquaint an unfamiliar person (no matter how famous the company). Identify name, location, size, market segment (business line), and a brief history. Identify the essential issues, events, or actions to help frame the problem and subsequent discussion points.

Problem Statement


Identify and clearly state the problem (the leadership or organizational behavior issue that you have selected to research). The problem statement should be phrased in terms of a research question. For instance, if a work group is not performing effectively, an effective problem statement might be “How can group performance be improved?”

A well formed problem statement includes the following.

Focus: The problem should be well defined and specific enough for the reader to gain a clear idea of the Organizational Behavior topic area and the direction of your study and research.Structure: If the problem statement is sufficiently focused, it will provide a basis for decisions about which information to include and which to exclude from the paper.

Literature Review


You must include at least eight scholarly resources in this section. Approach this section as a mini book report on each of the reference sources that significantly informed your analysis and proposed solutions. Give the reader an encapsulated review of what information you found most relevant to your research. Be sure and explain why the information is important. You may have found conflicting opinions or theories related to your topic area. Identify and discuss any such contrasts or describe in detail significant agreement among your sources. Your literature review should be separate and distinct from your analysis section; it is a summation of your research. The goal should be a substantial paragraph containing a minimum of five to seven sentences per review.



Explore the problem in depth and with scholarly rigor.

Provide an identification and description of the root causes of the problem or issue. Be sure not to address only symptoms of your problem. Diagnose the problem and its origins.

A critical element of this section is to apply leadership and organization concepts and models from our text, from class discussions, and from your literature review. Discuss the concepts, ideas, or insights that are most valuable in helping you make sense of the causes of the problem. Support your analysis with reference to appropriate research material.

Refer to and appropriately include the information and ideas you developed in the two papers you researched and wrote in Week’s 5 and 6. To reiterate, the topics of those previous papers included: a.) How organizational theories improve operations, b.) How values and attitudes influence decision making, and c.) Influence of various structures and lines of authority.



Identify at least three (no more than five) potential workable solutions to your problem and identify the pros and cons of each alternative solution and its high-level implementation steps.

Identify your preferred solution and describe exactly what should be done and how it should be done, including by whom, with whom, and in what sequence. Always explain your thinking behind your final solution set. It’s important to be clear about why a particular alternative (solution) was chosen, as opposed to others.



Think about this assignment and write a well thought out reflective statement about how this assignment influenced your personal, academic, and professional leadership and managerial development.



You must use no fewer than eight library resources outside of your textbook.

All references must be cited in two places—within the body of your paper and on a separate reference list. Choose references judiciously and cite them accurately. Cite all sources using APA format.

Please note that citing an author’s work within your text documents your research, identifies the source for readers, and enables readers to locate the source of information in the alphabetical reference list at the end of the paper. To use the ideas or words of another person without crediting the source is plagiarism. Plagiarism in its purest form involves copying passages either verbatim or nearly verbatim, with no direct acknowledgment of the source. The most common form of plagiarism is to paraphrase information from your source material. Paraphrasing does not relieve you of the obligation to provide proper identification of source data. The best way to avoid plagiarism is to make sure all quotes, ideas, or conclusions that are not your own are given proper acknowledgment in your research paper.

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