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Q.1/ jump b to Chapter 3 and focus on figure 3-1, the BIA Lifecycle on page 38. In your post, focus exclusively on the figure (3-1) and comment on what you think what might be the most difficult of the noted steps in ultimately conducting a BIA which you will not complete in this post. However, give the concept some considerable thought and use your natural ability to recognize where there are likely to be “potholes.” Indicate why you think the model might be initially confusing. What would be your initial step in overcoming any potential conflict? Responses to this post should demonstrate an understanding of management concerns and suggested first steps.

the book:http://fliphtml5.com/lnym/yxna/basic/


Q.2/ Looking at chapter 4 may be a refamiliarization for you with concepts inherent to planning. After reading this small chapter, you are asked to discuss the one most important point that “jumped out” at you during that process that employees should be aware of. Be certain to indicate why you value the concept.

the book:http://fliphtml5.com/lnym/yxna/basic/

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