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1. At this point in an infant’s life the most important things the parents can do is to help the child understand the world they live in by giving them the love and attention they need to thrive and learn. During this time the parents should show positive reinforcements to their baby by offering toys that stimulate them, talking to your baby when they are babbling, and setting routines so baby can better understand their world. Giving your baby proper care and love are the most important things for an infant. When raised in situations of neglect babies do not develop at the same pace and often experience developmental delays and damage to the cerebral cortex. This trauma and neglect can slow not only physical development but also social and emotional development as well. By offering baby a variety of toys, feeding them, talking to them, providing them a safe place to sleep and ensuring lots of rest, and providing breastmilk and formula for proper brain growth parents can set their baby up for success as they transition into toddlerhood.

Classical conditioning: Teaching a sleep schedule, this will help the baby to understand the world around them. They will be conditioned to know that a set routine means they are about to go to sleep for the night.

Habituation and recovery: playing with toys, during play time a toy will stimulate the baby’s interest for some time which is the habituation, then the interest will fade and they will enter the recovery portion. This give and take encourages babies to constantly have new experiences by moving from one item to the next.

Imitation: Speaking and babbling to your baby, your baby will learn a lot from tongue and mouth movement and try to mimic your sounds. This helps the baby to develop the proper reflexes for learning

2. When babies are first born most people dont know what to do with the tiny people. As a mother of a teenager and also a toddler i feel one of the most important things a parent can do for their new addions to the family is to simply love them. Give them attention show them love, care and concern and just allow the baby to be a baby. Alot of parents concern themselves with rushing their children to meet milestones early or worry the child wont meet them on time. Simply allow the baby to enjoy exploring the world around and getting to know you and the love youre giving. As im raising my children the one thinhs i notice im imitating the most from my parents is unconditional love and thats most important to me. When my daughter was born she didnt seem sad or unhappy but i noticed she didnt smile as much as i felt she should. so i asked myself, how often was i smiling? Once i begin to smile more and more pleasant to others so did she. She became more ougoing stopped rolling her eyes at people and we both became more outgoing and happy. I hope my daughter picks up the pleasant happy mother i am and imitates the same she recieves from me and gives it to her children sameway i learned it from my mother. I think children will always imitate more of what they see especially as infants because all they know is what they are explosed to being fresh vessel. When parents are nervous about their baby meeting milestones they can forget to enoy the stage that their baby is currently in. Although it may seen like infants cant do much that time is very important more then ever because it sets the tone for their deveoplement thats why reading is encouraged even while still in the womb.


Analyzed the question(s), fact(s), issue(s), etc. and provided well-reasoned and substantive answers.


Supported ideas and responses using appropriate examples and references from texts, professional and/or academic websites, and other references. (All references must be from professional and/or academic sources. Websites such as Wikipedia,, and others such as these are NOT acceptable.)


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