The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to apply the course content to the development of a travel itinerary for a travel destination that interests you. This should be an area where you have never traveled but where you would like to travel to in the future. The destination *must* be selected amongst the options presented to you below. Your trip cannot be a cruise, a package tour, or an all-inclusive resort. Your trip should also make every effort to use local businesses (e.g., accommodations, restaurants, tour guides, etc.) so that your trip will bring benefits to the local economy and provide you with a more authentic experience. You will also want to do some initial research to make sure you select a destination in which information is easily accessible. The paper is worth 20% of your overall course grade. Your travel destination must be selected from the following list of countries: Australia Canada Fiji Japan (I choose this country) Mexico New Zealand Tanzania Wales Your paper and itinerary will be limited to 10-14 pages of actual text. The paper must be doublespaced and written in 12-pt font with standard margins. The page limitation does not include the cover page, a reference page, photos and other artwork, or any attachments you would like to include. The specific itinerary is to be included in the 10-14 page limitation, but may be single-spaced if you are trying to save room. I am not hard-and-fast on the page limit, but it does need to be in the vicinity of 10-14 pages. You must reference ALL of the sources of your information. An APA guideline is posted on the ELC site. Sources can include the internet, guidebooks, history books, interviews with people who have visited your chosen location or any other pertinent source except travel agents and Wikipedia. However, ALL sources must be referenced. Put all references in a separate section at the end of your paper and also refer to them in the text by putting the author or authors’ names in parentheses after the information you have cited. I expect citations after each sentence or two that is not your own thoughts. IN TEXT CITATION EXAMPLES For example, an in-text citation might look like this:

1) Turkish airlines is the best choice for flight between Istanbul and Izmir (Gursoy and McCleary, 2001). 

2) Italy’s history can be traced back to the 7th Century B.C. (Boley, 2016).

3) Rick Steves’ guidebook mentions that men are not allowed to wear shorts when visiting churches in Italy (Steves, 2015) The full APA reference for a journal article would then appear in the reference section of your paper and look like this: Gursoy, D., & McCleary, K. (2001). Internal transportation in Turkey. Journal of Safe Transportation, 12(1) 67-89. I expect the following sections to have many references (Area history and customs, Overview of tourism development, and Currency/visa requirements). *The detailed itinerary does not need to have the references displayed within the itinerary, but they do need to be included in the References section* Failure to reference your work within the body of your paper will result in a substantial reduction in grade and possible honor code violations for plagiarism. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Always ask rather than risk it. Paper format and outline Use the following headings in the paper, in bold font:

Cover page (no need to label this just follow the instructions on next page)

1) Introduction and motivations for trip

2) Area history and customs

3) Overview of tourism development

4) Currency/visa requirements

5) Itinerary (followed by a day-to-day outline)

6) Total cost of vacation

7) Impacts of your vacation

8) References (separate page)

Descriptions of each section

1. Make an attractive cover page (this is in addition to the 10-page limit). It must include the name of your destination, your name, the name of the course and the date. Also include a picture that represents your destination. The picture may be downloaded from the Internet if referenced. The cover page is the first impression I have of your paper, so make sure you follow the instructions (10% including grammar, spelling, aesthetics, and headings).

2. Introductory paragraph. This introductory paragraph should describe your motivations for wanting to travel to the country you selected. What are the push motivations behind your trip? What are the pull motivations behind the trip? What are the main attractions that you hope to see or experience while traveling? Are you traveling within anyone? Is it for a special occasion? (i.e., graduation honeymoon, etc.). Be creative here and paint a picture for me of why you want to travel here (10%)

3. Provide a brief history of the area. How did the country become what it currently is now? Also include any customs or laws in which a tourist should be aware of (e.g. the need to cover arms and legs in a temple, penalty for buying black market currency). This should be about 1-2 pages. Make sure to reference your work (10%)

4. Give an overview regarding the state of tourism development in the area. This is one of the most important sections. How much of the economy is based upon tourism? Be specific with amount of annual tourism expenditures or % of GDP attributed to tourism. How many visitors are there each year? This section should also include the level of infrastructure (roads, information technology, drinking water, etc.), tourism superstructure (accommodations, restaurants, entertainment), and carrying capacity (amount of tourists the region can handle before the quality of the resources are degraded). Make sure to look up these terms in the book and understand their meaning. Are there any problems associated with the area that a tourist would want to know about (e.g., high crime, poor transportation structure, possible war, disease, etc.)? What are the positives of the area that make it a great area to travel to? Spend some time here and really do your research – this could be as much as two pages. Also make sure to reference your work (10%)

5. Discuss the currency and visa requirements. What is the currency of the country? What is the exchange rate in US dollars? What are the visa requirements for U.S. citizens? Make sure you provide references (5%)

6. Provide a detailed itinerary, along with costs. This will be the major part of the paper and must include all transportation linkages (airlines, railroad, taxis, rental cars, walking) and their costs. The itinerary should provide a 7-10 day vacation including travel time to and from your destination. Variation in the trip length will allow you to adjust according to the distance needed to travel.

For example, travel to Mexico will take much less time than travel to Australia; therefore, a 7-day trip is acceptable for Mexico, but a 10-day trip will be necessary for Australia. On each day, list specific activities in which you will engage, specifically where you will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and where you will spend the night (specific hotel). Each activity should include the cost. If you cannot find the exact cost, make an educated estimate based on similar activities. The itinerary should include a variety of sight-seeing options and activities, and should not simply repeat the same activities day after day (e.g., “going to the beach” from 10-5 every day). This is best presented and easiest for the instructor to read in a bullet-point format as opposed to paragraph format (see examples provided on ELC. (30%)

7. Give the total cost for the trip in both US dollars and in the currency of the country broken down into the following categories (transportation, accommodation, food and drinks, entertainment, souvenirs, and ‘other’). This is best presented as a table. (5%)

8. Spend some time reflecting on the positive and negative environmental, socio-cultural and economic impacts of your travel. What could you have done differently to maximize the positive impacts and minimize the negative ones? Make sure you cover each aspect of the Triple Bottom Line when you reflect on how you could make your travel more sustainable. (10%)

9. Include an APA reference page for those references used within the body of the paper and a separate list of the websites used in the travel itinerary (Not included in 10-page limit. (10%) Other requirements and reminders The paper must be typed, well-organized and free from spelling and grammatical errors. A proper reference section must be included. Use the APA format! Remember to choose a destination to which you have never visited and that is on the list I’ve provided! Make sure that your itinerary is feasible and considers distances and time. I have personally traveled to many of these countries and if your itinerary covers too much in a day or seems like you fabricated part of your itinerary I will be able to tell. Any late papers will be 10% off per a day that they are late. So if the paper is due by 5:00 PM and you turn it at 5:01 PM you will start out with 10% off. 20% off if not received by the next day (12:00 AM) and so on. You are welcome to turn the papers in early. Since this is an on-line class it will be your responsibility to keep track of your progress and turn things in on time. 

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