Topics you may include (just the clients own ideas-if you have better ideas do not hesitate to use them):

1. Degree of impact of the UN on world order and justice

2. Security Council- G4 and UFC (Uniting for Consensus-Coffee Club), R2P- Responsibility to protect.

3. Limitations and challenges of the UN- Your analysis of the limitations of the UN can briefly point out to some conclusion about the future of the UN.

• Effects/impacts of the Veto power on war and conflict- does it cause any limitations on the UN peacekeeping efforts?

• Failures of the United Nations in the past such as the 1971 Bangladesh Genocide and Sri Lanka Civil war

4. Effectiveness and the strengths of the UN

5. Current activities of the UN for peace & security. Preventive Diplomacy and Mediation, peacekeeping, Peacebuilding, Disarmament, Counter terrorism.

6. Positive side of things, can you imagine a world without the UN?

• Synthesise your arguments and provide analysis- greater depth in the analysis and research required. 
• Unpack your ideas in simple and clear terms. If this means covering less points but with greater clarity, that is to be preferred. 
• Adequate referencing required/provide evidence.


The essay is about the degree of impact of the UN or world order and justice-do not discuss other irrelevant issues about the UN. Use your word limit wisely and focus on relevant issues. Do not waste words.

Further, sufficient amount of sources must be employed that combines: 
• journal articles, 
• books and 
• web based resources.
Must use at least 10-12 sources and must do at least 4 “direct quotations” in the body of the assignment from these sources.
At least two direct quote from the reading below required (attached):

Thakur, Ramesh and Thomas G. Weiss, “United Nation‟s „Policy‟: An Argument with Three Illustrations”, International Studies Perspectives, vol. 10, no. 1, 2009, pp. 18-35

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