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This assignment is an essay assignment of 2 questions, 3 pages each, to test knowledge and assimilation of the course objectives. The exclusive use of required texts and readings from this course is mandatory. In this assignment, you will show that you understand the coursework thus far.

Answer each of the following questions. Be sure to use several sources to support your argument and use the proper citation format.

Question 1 – Available drugs, DTOs, trafficking methods

·Explain the primary traffickers and routes for each of the 5 major illicit drugs available in the United States (cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, and MDMA).

Question 2 –U.S. and international policies, strategies, and objectives

·Compare the objectives of the UN drug control treaties and that of the United States drug laws; include the policies and strategies that support the objectives of each.







Exceeds Expectations

Meets Expectations

Needs Improvement





Clearly states the main argument. Clearly outlines & evaluates the effectiveness of analysis when looking at DTO tactics and international countermeasures – UN & U.S. (10-8)

Clearly states main argument but does not propose a solution or new approach to the topic of how cartels move products and treaty language. (7-4)

Purpose of the essay is buried, confused and/or unclear. (6-3)

Introduction is not clear. It does not lead into the paragraphs that follow. (3-0)


Main Argument: Question A


Clearly demonstrates how the connections between drug trafficking and the primary routes for each of the 5 major illicit drugs available in the U.S. Examples are incorporated and research is sound.


Variables regarding narcotic routes/methods are present but not adequately incorporated into the analysis. Descriptions are present, but lack depth. Examples do not guide the narrative appropriately.


Variables are not developed and do not demonstrate the appropriate relationship between cartel methods and distribution. References are vague with little analysis.


Concepts are only vaguely addressed.



Main Argument: Question B


Clearly assesses and compares the objectives of the UN drug control treaties and that of the United States drug laws; including and in depth analysis regarding the policies and strategies that support the objectives.


Variables regarding key points in treaties and drug laws are identified, however – the analysis does not fully develop the analytical aspects of the objectives. Policies are identified, but not analyzed.


UN drug control treaties are simply identified. Relationships between enforcement and obstacles are not clearly identified. References are vague with little analysis.


Fails to adequately address international controls and strategies that are in place (13-0)




Succinctly summarizes main points. Does not introduce new ideas.


Conclusion clearly summarizes the main ideas and/or wraps up the ideas in the essay. (7-4)

Conclusion attempts to summarize and/or wrap up ideas in the essay, but does not include enough detail to conclude. (6-3)

Conclusion is missing or confusing. It does not tie up the essay. (3-0)


Grammar and Style:


Contains no spelling or grammatical errors, scholarly/academic tone is used throughout, reference list only contains sources referenced in the text, follows Turabian style perfectly, incorporates smooth transitions.


Few spelling or grammatical errors, /academic tone is used, missing few references within the text or on list. Follows Turabian style consistently with few errors, uses quotes and citations, transitions are clear but may not be smooth. (7-4)

Contains spelling or grammar errors, and does not follow Turabian style. Excessive direct quotes (more than 15%), the author fails to incorporate references and/or citations, generally lacks transitions. (6-3)

Failure to apply standard rules for graduate level paper presentation, grammatical composition, and timeliness.



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