You are required to write an essay of up to 2000 words, excluding references, analyzing, interpreting and evaluating one of the four newspaper articles listed below. All articles are available online at the links provided. 

Essays will be given a mark out of 100. The mark from the individual essay will constitute 50% of the overall module mark. 

Your essay must address the following questions: 
1-) What are the central claims made in the article? 
2-) How can these claims be understood and interpreted using the concepts and theories covered in the Work Employment and HRM in Context module? How do academic sources support or challenge the claims presented in mass media format? 
3-) What are the direct implications of the article, as well as of your analysis, for the practice of HR managers? 

In answering these questions, your essay must do the following:
1-) Clearly identify and present the claims made in the media article; 
2-) Establish clear links with module material in terms of key concepts, theories, debates and readings; 
3-) Identify and draw on a range of academic sources, not to include any fewer than 10 or any more than 20 items including journal articles, books, book chapters and reports from reputable sources; 
4-) Use the Referencing Guidelines provided for in-text citations and the preparation of the reference list. 

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