The term quality assurance has largely been replaced by the term quality improvement. The latter reflects a continual process as the former term implies that quality has been assured. Rigorous steps inherent in the QI process usually include collection of data, planning, creating an action plan and assessing the outcome. The process engages a well-informed QI manager, a committee comprised of staff and administrators, and accountability to an organization’s board (board of directors/board of trustee).

There is inherent tension among various persons within organizations particularly within the health care industry. Allowing and encouraging participants from various disciplines to participate in the plan is a method of engagement.

In your response, take a position on the following notion: Accountability for a program’s overall success rests primarily with those involved in the program. The rest of the organization cannot have any impact on it.

Please provide references and a min of 250+ words.


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I think that accountability for the program’s overall success rests primarily with those involved in the program, but the rest of the organization can have a tremendous impact upon the program’s overall success. This is largely due to the fact that organizations are interconnected units of different departments and individuals with differing skill sets and duties, that are all integral in the overall success of the organization as a …

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