the role of health and and social care worker

1.1 Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship

There are some differences between working relationships and personal relationships. A working relationship is different because of:
-specific objective and purpose;
-professional codes of conduct;
-employer policies and procedures;
-time limits
In a working relationship the reason why we are involved with a particular person are clear, it is because of our jobs. A working relationship is different from choosing to be someone’s friend or having been born into a family. Working relationships are part of our job and are in the interests of the people we support. Professional relationship have clear boundaries, there are lines that we must not cross. We can not make friendships with people we support.

In general, professional relationships are “one way” in that we are not looking for anything back from the person we are supporting. There is no expectation that they will be supportive to you in return as you would expect from a friend or family member.

1.2 Describe different working relationships in health and social-care settings

Working relationships are the relationships with people who we support, relationships with our colleagues and people from another organization. Relationships with the families of the residents, friends of the residents others We must learn working in a team.

Teams take time to work well. However some ground rules to make sure that you can work well with others can be used in most situations. For example we need to find out the ways in which decisions are reached and the team members who should be included, need to ask for advice if we are not sure for something and do not assume that everything is the same in every workplace. Supportive working relationships means when we can recognize that our colleagues got difficulty at work or in their personal life which may be affecting their work and try help what with we can. Receiving and giving support is a good working relationship.

2.1 Describe why it is important to adhere to the agreed scope of the job role

Everybody who starts a new job receives a job description .The job description is a part of the contract with our employer and it includes: -our responsibilities and duties;
-who will supervise the work;
-where the work is to be done;
-who the line manager is for the work
A job description sets out what the employer expects of the person doing the job. When we apply for a new job we can take information for it from the job description. When an employer is planning how to deliver services, they will work out: -what need to be done;

-how much of it needs to be done;
-who needs to do it;
-where they need to do it
Every employee is recruited to do a particular job at a particular level. Everyone has their own areas and responsibilities and is accountable for what they do. If everyone started doing other people’s jobs there would be a chaos. Our employer identifies what we need to do in the job descriptions but sets out how it is to be done in the policies and procedures of the organization we work for. Policies and procedures are an important way of knowing that we are working in the way our employer requires. Working within policy guidelines and following the laid-down procedures is a good indication that we are carrying out our job in the right way.

3.1 Explain why it is important to work in partnership with others

It is essential that we work in partnership with many different people. For example-colleagues in our work place; other professional colleagues from other organizations; families and friends to the residents Effective partnerships are about good teamwork .Partnerships matter in delivering good-quality social care, because there are so many aspects involved in supporting people that no one person or organization can deliver them alone. Shared purpose is a key part of good partnership working.

There are some important key steps that will help to ensure that any partnerships able to work effectively. One of these keys is good communication. Failure to maintain communication is fatal to partnership working. Respecting and valuing the work of others is very important because each person from the team brings different skills, knowledge and experience. All partners should feel confident that decisions being made within the team following the agreed process. There is likely to be serious concern if partners feel that some decisions are being taken outside of the team and that not everyone is being involved in the process. If people are not involved then they will not take responsibility for the decisions and they may not be prepared to abide by them.

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