The Patriot Act impacts almost every aspect of employment law. Workplace privacy and discrimination are two key areas. What are the implications of the Patriot Act on workplace privacy and discrimination? What roles can HRM professionals play in managing the impact of The Patriot Act on these areas in the workplace? Be sure to cite examples.


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Implications of the Patriot Act on workplace privacy and discrimination?

NOTE TO THE STUDENT: It is suggested that you read the entire US Patriot Act. I have attached useful materials.

The Patriot Act permits the FBI to apply for a judge’s order requiring any business to produce all records (confidential medical records and education records) in an investigation of terrorism against the United States (Carsen, 2003).

According to Sproule (2002), the real loss of privacy in the workplace since 9/11 will most likely not be from increased employer surveillance, however, but rather from the provisions of the USA Patriot Act, (3) which eased the restrictions on the government’s access to electronic information that employers capture and store.

On the positive and negative …

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