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The paper will answer the following questions in regards to Oppositional Defiant Disorder:

  • The major symptoms exhibited by the patient with this condition.
  • Potential disruptions to family life before the formal diagnosis is made.
  • Potential adjustments the family will need to make to support the patient through treatment and return to the community.
  • Use verbal and nonverbal communication that promotes caring therapeutic relationships with patients, families and selected groups.
  • Provide patient-centered nursing care that is evidence-based including the individual’s and family’s cultural and developments variations, and health-promoting behaviors.

This needs to be 7-9-pages (including title and reference pages). The paper must be APA format. A minimum of 3 current scholarly articles within the last 10 years. Scholarly sources include articles found through Pub Med, WHO, CDC, Google Scholar, University of Washington, Culture Vision Online Library, etc.

This paper is in regards to the following made-up patient diagnosed with ODD: A 19-year-old, Native Alaskan male. He is a full time student that plays college football. He lives with his unemployed single mother and works 30 hours/week delivering pizzas.

The rubric is also attached as a .pdf.


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