End of Module Assignment requires you to engage with the Business and Management

Research Methods tools typically employed to plan for a proposed piece of original research.

You should select your own research topic and prepare an individual Business Research


Suggested Structure:

1. Research Proposal Title

The title should reflect as accurately as possible the content of your chosen topic.

2. Abstract

This is a brief statement of what you are intending to research. It should be no more than 1-

2 paragraphs. This needs to concisely summarise the proposal’s key content.

3. Introduction

• Relevance of the proposed research to business research

• Justification of the chosen topic

• Value of this research

4. Research Question(s) and Research Objectives

• The research question(s) can be one overall question or a number of questions that the

research process will address.

• Research objectives must be clear statements that identify what the research process

seeks to achieve.

• Both research questions and research objectives must relate to the literature review.


5. Literature Review

This chapter should provide a synthesized overview of the existing body of knowledge in

your chosen topic area. Please carefully select the literature included in this chapter – only

those which are directly related and most relevant to your research topic should be


6. Methodology

This section should relate to your research questions and research objectives and shows

how you will achieve them. Your method consists of two parts:

• Research design – relates to the research opinion (philosophies, approaches,

strategies, choices, time horizon). You are expected to make strong justifications in

support of your chosen research design.

• Data collection – relates to the last phase of the research onion (techniques and

procedures). Identify how specifically the data will be collected (i.e. questionnaire,

interview, focus group, etc…). You are expected to provide the advantages and

disadvantages of the various data collection methods and select the most

appropriate data collection method(s).

7. Preliminary Findings

• You are required to conduct a pilot research for your proposed research. You will use

the research instrument(s) you designed and the proposed research methods to collect

a small sample of primary data.

• This chapter should present the preliminary findings from the pilot research.

8. Research Ethics

A brief, critical evaluation of potential ethical issues and risks associated with your proposed


9. Timescale

Present a feasible and realistic timescale, showing the planning of the preliminary research

stages of your proposed research.

10. References

A complete reference list using the CU Harvard Referencing Style is required.

11. Appendix

The research instruments, i.e. the proposed questionnaire or semi/unstructured interview

questions should be presented as part of the appendices. A covering letter to explain the

purpose of the questionnaire and the research ethics form should also be presented.

Presenting Assignments for Marking

Your assignment should include in-text citations and be supported with a full List of References.

You are expected to use the CU Harvard Referencing Style. Please refer to the CU referencing

guide (available on the module page).


Assignments are suggested to be presented in the following format:

• Word-processed in Arial font, 12 pitch and double-spaced.

• Margins must be as follows: Top; 1.0 inch (2.5cm), Bottom; 1.0 inch (2.5 cm), Left;

1.25 inches (3.2 cm), Right; 1.25 inches (3.2 cm).

• All pages must be numbered.

• All tables and figures must be labelled.

• Make sure you have cover page with the following information:

ü Your full name

ü Your student ID number

ü The module title and code

ü Your tutor’s name

ü Your research topic

ü Date of submission

ü Word count

Please also remember that your submission can be enhanced or damaged through layout, for

example placing all tables and drawings in Appendices can hamper the flow of discussion.

Decisions therefore need to be made about the most appropriate place to use tables etc to

support your case.

Word Limit:

2,500 words, using the standard format described above. Please note that you will lose marks if

you exceed this word limit by more than 10%. The specified word count refers to the main body

of the report and does not include front cover, title page, contents page, abstract, tables and

figures, references, or appendices (however no more than four pages of appendices).

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