Using the film “The Edge of Heaven (2007)” directed by Faith Akin write an essay in order to explore specific and relevant issues and to present a focused argument about an aspect/example of contemporary global cinema you have studied on the module.
You are welcome to build on and develop seminar discussions and to refer to key reading but you must provide evidence of independent research and original analysis. Your essay should refer to an appropriate range of relevant critical materials. Good essays will substantiate your claims about the films by referring to relevant critical frameworks and discussing the films’ formal characteristics.

With regards to which contemporary global cinema you should focus on, you should read the material from the Seminar Question and Core reading and get inspiration from them. You should choose an aspect that you are better at with regards to; (art cinema, the auteur, gender, migration/multiculturalism, allegory/politics, spectacle etc) then discuss. The important part is to analyse the topic/argument according to the readings.

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