The current healthcare environment requires that your organization operationalize itself into a “High Value Care Organization”, or a healthcare organization that delivers the highest quality care and service to it’s patients while reducing unnecessary costs. The demands of such change require that all employees be aware of and contribute to the value agenda of the organization’s strategic plan.

You, a Lean expert, have been hired to develop the strategic plan for how your organization will become a culture of Continuous Improvement. Your strategic plan will need to demonstrate how Lean will act as a catalyst for optimizing value for the patient. The value specific strategic goals that your plan should be aligned around are:

o Strategic Goal 1: Advance our organizational leadership in the provision of
high value patient care
o Strategic Goal 2: Develop and optimize the performance of all employees,
positioning ourselves at the superior healthcare employer in the region
o Strategic Goal 3: Ensure overall financial performance meets the needs of our operating and capital demands so to advance our Mission and Vision.

• Your strategic plan can be presented in the form of an Executive Summary using PowerPoint (4-5 bullets each slide). The following elements should be addressed:
o Problem and Goal Statements
o What is Lean?
o Why Lean and Why Now?
o Overview of Current State in terms of understanding Lean Thinking
o Description of Future (Ideal) State
o Strategic Roadmap (Countermeasures):
*Description and timeline of the operational activities that your plan will
implement to impact these three strategic goals
*Include resource requirements
o Measures of Success
o Challenges and Barriers

Detailed talking points should be embedded in the notes section of each slide


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Attached please find a powerpoint executive summary on Lean operational efficiency processes in a healthcare organization.

The slides summarize the following
1. …

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