This is a paper that is focusing on the control health and safety risks assignment. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.

The control health and safety risks assignment

Control health and safety risks
Learning outcome
The learner will:
1              be able to identify and evaluate hazards to health and safety in the workplace
Assessment criteria

The learner can:
1.1         inspect the workplace and prioritise areas where hazards with a potential for serious harm to health and also safety are most likely to occur
1.2          evaluate hazards through a review of work activities
1.3   examine proposed activities to identify and evaluate hazards in existing and also new:
1.3a      workplaces
1.3b      equipment
1.3c       processes
1.3d      activities
1.4              select and also use appropriate measuring equipment to evaluate the hazards
1.5       maintain records of the hazards identified in sufficient detail to meet the requirements of:
1.5a      statutory
1.5b      organisational
1.5c       industry best practice.
Guidance Notes :
Firstly, requirements could include HSG65 guidance, access to previous inspection records, specialist assistance (chemist, vet), specialist equipment (dust, noise), individual health and safety records, maintenance records etc.
Secondly, ways to identify health and safety hazards may include observation, walkabout, formal and informal inspection, interview, questioning and consultation.

Thirdly, records could include risk assessments, inspection records, minutes, data sheets, interview notes and photographs.
Lastly, you must provide evidence of them selecting and using appropriate measuring equipment. Equipment could be used for measuring noise, lux, gas, air quality and also vibration etc.

Learning outcome

The learner will:
2           be able to assess risks to health and safety
Assessment criteria

The learner can:
2.1         Firstly, select appropriate risk assessment techniques to assess the hazards identified
2.2 secondly, select and use appropriate methods to determine the level of exposure affecting:
2.2a      employees
2.2b      others who may be affected
2.3          thirdly, determine risks to health and safety of:
2.3a      employees
2.3b      others who may be affected
2.4          fourthly, prioritise the health and safety risks to:
2.4a      employees
2.4b      others who may be affected

2.5          also, maintain records of the risk assessment in sufficient detail to meet:
2.5a       statutory requirements
2.5b      organisational requirements
2.5c       industry best practice.
2.6 evaluate the existing risk control measures and current systems of work in the organisation
2.7         also, ensure the training provides the required competences to implement the identified risk control measures
2.8         lastly, recognise your own limits and where necessary bring in specialist or other assistance

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