The community and focus population (Assessment?)

Clyde Texas is the proud home of approximately 4,000 people.  Clyde is located in Callahan county in between Abilene and Baird Texas.  When interviewing different community members and leaders one issue seemed to surface.  The issue of vaping among the high school and junior high kids was of greatest concern to the community.  Vaping is growing in prevalence nation wide and Clyde Texas is no exception. It is against Texas State law for a child under the age of 18 to purchase a vape or e-cigarette.  It is also considered criminal negligence for a person to buy a vape and give it to a minor. With this law in affect all across Texas no kids in junior high or high school should be using vapes.  The local PAO officer emphatically stated that the junior high and high school kids are the future and we need to be doing our part to educate them on the negative health effects of vaping. Education is needed for this population within the community because vapes are confiscated almost daily between junior high and high school.  Selekman, 2019 states “Tobacco use continues to be the leading cause of preventable death in America, and it usually begins during adolescence, making this a crucial time for primary and secondary prevention efforts.”.

Learning need for the population (Diagnosis)

Vaping is becoming more popular in our society but not many people using these products understand the health risks that come with it.  The main nursing diagnosis focus would be knowledge deficit related to the effects of vaping as evidenced by increased use of vaping products.  The junior high and high school students need increased health literacy on the effects of vaping. Key points that would be included in the negative effects of vaping campaign would be as follows.  Vapes use flavored cartridges that contain nicotine to be vaporized. These cartridges are labeled by the manufacturer as “safe” but these standards are for ingestion, not specifically for inhalation (Selekman, 2019).  Vaping market their product as being a healthier option to cigarette smoking but “less toxic is still toxic” (Selekman, 2019). The heating mechanism used to vaporize the cartridge release metals and can cause lung tissue damage such as popcorn lung (Selekman, 2019).  Arnold (2018) shows the link of the actual flavoring in the vaporizing cartridges, diacetyl, to popcorn lung. Popcorn is when the alveoli in the lungs become damaged and can not function properly. Currently there is no cure for popcorn lung (O’Neill, 2019).

Resources Needed for the learning project (Planning)

To successfully implement the education campaign a proper setting is needed.  A place familiar and comfortable to the students would be preferred, some place like the school gym.  Visually appealing educational pamphlets would be needed. Promotional items could be helpful in gaining the students attention.  Promotional items would include stickers, magnets, bracelets, and social media campaigns. Proper technology would be needed to show any short films to aid in the education of the effects of vaping.  It would be most beneficial to have a year long campaign instead of a one time event.

Implementation (Interventions)

The more time the educational material is presented the higher likelihood of students retaining the information and implementing it in their lives.  To begin the year long campaign an event would be hosted in the school gym for all students. A video on the negative effects of vaping would be shown and guided reflection questions will be given.  At half time of every football game time could be taken to highlight a negative effect of vaping throughout the year. Students respond well to their peers. If a student who had a personal experience with the negative effects of vaping could come and share their story it would have a more substantial impact on the student’s peers.

Desired outcome (Goals)

The desired outcome of this campaign would be to see a decrease in the use of vaping and vaping products among the students of Clyde Texas.  After implementing the short films and educational pamphlets, students will be able to appropriately describe the negative health effects of vaping.  As the community becomes more informed about vaping, the sale of vapes will be decreased across the town. A decreased prevalence in confiscated vapes at school is another desired outcome, because it shows fewer students are interested in or buying vapes.  Decreasing the number of people using vapes is going to take time, but having agreeable people aiding the community in implementing these educational strategies will result in change.

What to Include in the Paper:

Identifies and describes the population that it affects and identifies the community. (10pts.)

· Highly affects teenage population.

· Assume that it affects teenage through adults.

Identifies, describes, and provides support for the learning need. (20 pts.)

· Reference interviews.

· Discuss the effects of vaping.

Identifies and describes resources needed for the learning project. (10 pts.)

· Educational resources (pamphlet, poster, video, etc.)

· Place to conduct the educational presentation

Describes how the learning project will be implemented. (10 pts.)

· Bring in personal testimonials.

· Host an informational session once a semester for middle school and high school.

· Host same informational session to the community. Utilize sporting event half-times.

Identities and describes the desired outcome of the learning project. (10 pts.)

· Decreased vaping incidence.

· Decreased effects of vaping.


Must include 5 peer-reviewed articles.

Poster appearance is professional (10pts.)

APA formatting for references, writing on the poster. (10pts.)

Presentation is professional (dress, oral presentation, professionalism) (10pts.)

Peer Evaluation (10 pts.)


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