Strategy report template you are strongly advised to present the sections of your report in this order: 

1. External Environment – All assignments should present an assessment of the external forces that act upon the organisation using appropriate tools and frameworks. 
2. Strategic capabilities. You should identify and evaluate the strategic capabilities of the organisation. 
3. Business AND/OR corporate/diversification strategies. There must be a consideration of the business or corporate strategies used by the organisation and these must be related to its competitiveness. 
4. Issues such as Politics, Sustainability and Business Models (Platform Strategy) should also be considered where appropriate. 
5. International strategy There should be consideration of the organisation’s international strategy (where appropriate). 
6. Strategic options. Recommendation of some strategic options for the organisation to maintain or enhance competitiveness in the future. These must be related to the potential impacts of macro or competitive forces. Please also note you should make recommendations within the context of the organisation. 
7. Presentation. The report should be well-presented, meaning that it should be clear and well-structured, with few or no spelling or grammatical errors, and it should be correctly referenced in a consistent Harvard style. 
8. Guidance. Consider all the relevant models, tools and concepts, and if it tells you something useful about its strategy, then apply them, and tell us about what you have found out by doing so. One approach to including this material is to put such models and analysis tools in clearly numbered and labelled appendices 

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