the catholics take on the end of the world

The Last Judgment and The End of the World What would one do if you knew the world was going to end in 5 minutes? Would they do all the things they always desired to do but never got the time for? Would one get down and pray for absolution or would they sit back, relax and anticipate for the apocalypse to come. Everyone has some idea that they will be judged at the end of time of all the every day decisions that they make. There are 4 main areas of curiosity about the Last Judgment and the end of the world that this writer will familiarize you on in this paper, what it will be like preceding The Coming, When the Judgment will take place, the two types of judgment, and the conclusion afterwards.

Everyone has his own sentiment of when he thinks the world will end some said it would happen at the turn of the millennium but it didn’t, others have hypothesized random dates throughout history But none have come true as to date. Jesus teaches that many calamities will mark the Second Coming and the Apocalypse. Kevin Knight writes in an article for New Advent and in it he says, “They are meant to foreshadow not to tell the day or the time, and will include. 1) The General Preaching of the Christian Religion. 2) The Conversion of the Jews. 3) The Return of Enoch and Elijah. 4) A Great Apostasy or revolt against the Catholic Faith. 5) The Reign of Antichrist who will be a powerful adversary of Christ. He will seduce the nations by his wonders, and persecute the Church. 6) Extraordinary Perturbations of Nature. 7) The Universal Conflagration. 8) The Trumpets of Resurrection will awaken the dead to resurrection. 9) The sign of the Son of Man Appearing in Heaven or in a wonderful cross of light.” The Earth should last for millions of years and gradually get colder until all life forms die, unless God steps in and brings the world, as the world knows it and passes out the last judgment. The population does not know when the Second Coming will transpire but they must be perpetually on the watch because it will come like a thief in the night. The American Heritage Dictionary defines the Last Judgment as The final judgment by God of all mankind. This interpretation is accurate but not fully complete because there is more behind it than that simple definition. There are two types of Judgment: Particular Judgment and General Judgment. Particular Judgment is the judgment of each soul as it perishes from the earthly life. People will answer for the choices they have made and how they choose to live their life. As a direct result of those choices they will be rewarded or punished accordingly. There are three potential outcomes to the particular judgment, One may be sent to heaven if they are in the state of grace and loved god perfectly during their lifetime. Purgatory (option number 2) if one loves god imperfectly and dies with some venial sins on their soul. The final option is Hell, The state of being separated from God’s love, that is if one turns their back completely contra the ways of the church and lived a arrogant life or believed in no God at all. The second judgment for both those who have died and those still living is dubbed the “The General Judgment. There are many names that are given to the last Judgment besides the name Parusia (parousia) or Advent, the Second Coming is also called Epiphany, epiphaneia, or Appearance, and Apocalypse (apokalypsis) or Revelation. The time of the Second Coming is spoken of as “that Day, “the day of the Lord”, the day of Christ”, “the day the Son of Man”, “the last day.” There is some controversy over where the last judgment will take place. Some say that it will take place on earth, others say that it will be held in the air, according the prognostication of Joel places the last judgment in the Valley of Josaphat. The general judgment confirms all of the particular judgments that have come before; there will be no purgatory, one will either go straight to heaven or straight to hell. Many people believe that before Jesus comes in all his glory there will be suffering and pain that will equal the purging of purgatory and the cleansing of the sins on Earth instead. All will be judged except those with no souls like animals and such, but the angels and demons will not, due to their lack of soul and they were already predestined. Those that are not baptized will be judged on what they were taught and what they chose to believe and not believe. The ignorant will be judged accoringly. The bodies of all the dead will be reunited with their soul and be judged once again, and all of God’s judgments will be just and each man will get exactly what they deserve. All of the sins of each man’s life will be seen by everyone and each loving act they made will also be known. There will be no embarrassment but it will only show the loving and forgiving power of God. When all of the judgment is done there will only exist heaven and hell, no earth no purgatory. Everyone will have a glorious, transmogrified, body that will have to age to it. Earth will be destroyed but heaven will never pass away. One may live in eternal happiness with the Farther in heaven or be damned to the fires of hell forever and the human race, as a whole will acquire its final fate. This writer has now enlightened the reader on the 4 main areas of study in regard to the Second Coming. So if the same query were put to the population as a whole again, of what they should do if the world were to unexpectedly end. They shouldn’t be distraught about what is going to transpire because they know they have lived a dutiful life and put all their confidence in God and it will turn out all right in the end. The End! (haha pun intended)

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