This is a paper that is focusing on the behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral approaches. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing this assignment paper.

The behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral approaches

Section One
Share your thoughts on the various pervasive issues of dysfunctional family violence. In your response, include the cycle-of-violence hypothesis and the psychological effects of child abuse and also other domestic violence on children.
Many jurisdictions have enacted ‘mandatory arrest’ policies for serious cases of domestic violence.  Discuss your understanding of abuser-behavior, and also whether you believe this is logical/good policy? Consider what is the cycle of abuse and how might family violence affect children. Why don’t women leave abusive relationships?
Remember to use references to support your response.

Section Two
1. Firstly, behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral approaches are built on the idea that behavior is learned.  How does each theory look at the type of learning that causes a client their difficulties?  How would each approach “reteach” more adaptive behaviors?
2. Secondly, as you can tell from this week’s readings, one of the strengths of behavioral and cognitive behavioral approaches is that there is a wide repertoire of techniques and strategies that can be used to help a client change.  Which technique do you think would be most helpful?  Which technique causes you the most concern?

3.  Thirdly, now that we have explored the different counseling theories, which one (or ones) do you feel best fits with your personality and philosophy of life and human nature? Provide examples from the theory to support your answer.
4. Fourthly, many therapists use what is called “technical eclectism” (which is the idea that one would draw from different approaches to help their client).  How do you react to that idea?

The behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral approaches

Section Three
Study 3: Sins of the Mother
ID Crimefeed (2017, October 25). A look back at Susan Smith – the South Carolina mom killed her two young sons.  (Webpage)

Read the attached article.
Questions: Answer five of the following questions.

Discuss potential effects that sexual abuse can have on a young woman. How might Susan’s experiences with her stepfather have affected her behavior?
Discuss possible pressures on a young couple that marries in their teens, especially under the circumstances of David and Susan’s marriage.
Identify nonverbal cues that Susan gave. Also, discuss how it is possible to tell if someone if lying from nonverbal behavior. What information does the use of the polygraph supply?

Speculate on why Susan might have done what she did. Include speculations about her marriage as well as her own childhood and adolescence.
Susan wanted relief from loneliness and also the problems in her life. She wanted to commit suicide but did not want her sons to suffer as she had after her father’s suicide. Also, she believed that if she killed her sons first and then committed suicide, her sons would suffer less than if she left them on their own. She felt burdened and was overwhelmed by the responsibilities of being a single mother. What role might depression have played in her actions?
Lastly, why didn’t her attorneys use the mental illness defense?

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