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**** Each question answer will have five complete sentences*****

Technology Transfer

Technology can be transferred in many ways, some transfers can also be in the form of appropriate and inappropriate.
Watch the following video:
1. Research the term “technology transfer” and define what it is.

2. Find one example of appropriate technology transfer and share what you find.

3. Find one example of inappropriate technology transfer and share what you find.

Appropriate Technology

There are three ways of evaluating if a technology is appropriate. They are:
Technical (Is the technology appropriate regarding the technical knowledge and background of the people using it)
Cultural (This is in relationship to the critical systems in the society, including family, religion, labor and education)
Economic (How does it effect the income level and distribution in a society and disparity among different socioeconomic groups)
Watch the following video: Appropriate Technology. The video shows a hand powered washing machine. This is a great example of appropriate technology as it fits technically, the users can utilize it without power and it provides a purpose.

1. Find two uses of appropriate technology and tell me which category they belong in and why in clear and complete paragraphs. ( Two paragraphs for two uses )


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