Task One – Business Plan


Write a 2,000 word Business Plan for a business or social enterprise you are involved in or would like to be involved in. You are only allowed to go above or below this word count by 10% otherwise marks may be deducted.  Marks will be awarded as follows:



·         Introduction to the product or service (5%)

·         Overview of your organisation Structure (10%)

·         SWOT analysis (10%)

·         Sales and Marketing plan (10%)

·         Manufacturing, Distribution and/or Operations (10%)

·         Finance (Cash Flow and start-up funding needs) (10%)

·         Risk Management (10%)

·         Measuring success (SMART Targets) (10%)

·         Summary and Recommendations (5%)

·         Use of resources and research (10%)

·         Structure, style, language and presentation of work (10%)





Marking Criteria















Student answers the question fully, particularly in the areas requiring greater analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

The entire work is clearly linked and structured, and is also succinct.

Clear and convincing line of argument.

Provides thorough evidential support and critical knowledge of theoretical positions.



60 – 69%

A substantial attempt to answer the question with adequate emphasis on the more analytical components.

Relationship between statements and sections are generally easy to follow.

There is a reasonably clear line of argument.

The need for evidence is clearly recognised, and most claims are supported by relevant evidence.



50 – 59%

Uses some relevant material but not always effectively

Relationships between statements and sections are sometimes hard to follow.

The line of argument is not convincing.

Provision of supporting evidence is spasmodic.



40 – 49%

Substantially fails to answer the question or to address the topic.

Relationship between statements and sections are difficult to recognise

The line of argument is unconvincing and minimal.

Use of evidence is weak and/or inappropriate.


< 40% (or 35%)

Fails to answer the question or to address the topic.

Few clear links between statements or sections.

Little or unconvincing argument.

Minimal reference is made to supportive evidence.


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