Analysis of the researcher’s ethics
Specific Instructions:
• You should prepare a portfolio of crime scene investigator ethics.
• To prepare the same, you must analyze each aspect of research ethics and apply it in each of the study modules. That is to say, you must incorporate in each of the modules examples or situations of fact, diagrams, images or any element that you want to integrate and that your creativity allows you, this to describe the ethic of the investigator in each module.
• In the same way, you must incorporate a description of the module at the beginning of each module in the portfolio and, at the end, you should do a paragraph analysis, with not less than five sentences and no more than 10 on what ethical bases apply and why.
At the beginning of the portfolio should appear the following:
1. Introduction: In this part you must indicate the definition of ethics, why you believe that ethics is important in the investigative process and what are the consequences of failing ethical postulates.
2. Index: Each page should be properly listed and aligned with the index.
3. Table of abbreviations: If you do not make abbreviations this table will not be necessary.
In addition, at the end of the portfolio should appear the following:
1. Conclusion: The conclusion should be a complete one on the importance of ethics, not only in the investigative processes, but in the student’s daily life and how ethics would help to have a better society.
2. References: You must incorporate reliable references to address your analysis. These can be: Government regulations, such as those of the Government Ethics Office, the Police Regulations, the Regulation of the Forensic Investigator, among others.

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