This project will involve writing a formal paper based on your review of key scientific peer­reviewed

papers focused a research question or key topic in Ecology.


a) analyze and determine which characteristics of male or female in grouse is important for mating


b) Focus your search on Online Articles, biological Databases, and e­Journals. Also, I recommend that

you do searches on Google Scholar:

Format for the review papers may be variable, but should include:

1) an Introduction section (describing any necessary background information and explaining your

research question(s), and/or the hypothesis or hypotheses you are examining);

2) a Literature Review section (summarization of peer­reviewed and other literature addressing your

question(s) or testing the hypothesis(es) that you are examining);

3) summary tables or informative figures related to the topic;

4) a Synthesis and Conclusion section (summarize your findings, such as the answer(s) to your

question(s) and/or which hypotheses seem to be supported and which hypotheses are not consistent

with the papers/data that you reviewed);

5) a Literature Cited section (required). Literature citations should follow Ecology format.

Required Minimums: 10 citations and 6 peer­reviewed articles from scientific journals.

•Provide the full names of all journal titles.

•Do not italicize titles. Use boldface for the journal’s volume number and the colon following the

volume number.

•Do not provide an issue number unless pages in a volume are not numbered consecutively from the

first issue to the last issue.

•Remove Inc., Co., and so forth from references in the text and Literature Cited. For example, (SAS

Institute 1998), not (SAS Institute, Inc. 1998).

•If there are more than 10 authors, use et al. (Howard, G., et al.) instead of listing the names of all


•Papers in review and personal communications should not be included in the Literature Cited.

•Proceedings and abstracts from conferences may be cited only if they have a “publisher” and the

location of the publisher (or the organization from which the document may be obtained) can be


The citations can be reduced but it has to be 6 peer reviewed articles. PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE


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